New Image · New Direction | 新形象 · 新方向

In 2018, the companies we had cooperated with them ended the cooperation agreement. We reintroduced new elements and new lives for the entire plan. Recreate a more complete recycling chain.

In addition to focusing on education, we are also gaining new strategic partners to guide how to better deal with recyclables and make these recyclables more valuable.

Therefore, we re-established a new recycling station on Pangkor Island, re-registered members, and re-educated people on how to classify resources and handle classified resources, and encouraged them to deliver recyclables to our space. In addition, we also provide on-site assistance in recycling services.




GoGreen @ Bandar Mahkota Cheras, Selangor | 够绿在雪兰莪蕉赖皇冠城

In 2017, we tried to replicate the plan in the city. In cooperation with Green House, a small store in Bandar Mahkota Cheras. We also launched the Recycling Day event and received enthusiastic responses from many residents nearby.


GoGreen @ 1 Shamelin Mall, KL | 够绿在吉隆坡1 Shamelin购物广场

In December 2017, we were invited by our strategic partner, UrbanR Recycle+, to promote the resource classification incentive program at 1 Shamelin Shopping Mall in Kuala Lumpur. The management of the Plaza also provides a space for us to have a place to carry out activities.

When these activities were implemented, many environmentally friendly friends came forward to respond to support. We also cooperated with strategic partners to create a corner in the space to display environmental information so that friends who came to space could better understand the importance of environmental protection.

2017年12月,我们获得策略伙伴UrbanR Recycle+的邀请,一起在吉隆坡1 Shamelin购物广场推动资源分类奖励计划。广场管理层更是提供了一个空间,让我们可以有个地方进行活动。